Drupal developer having more than 4 years experience in Web application development. Started the carrier as Web developer in ROR (Ruby on Rails). After that moved into PHP, Drupal as back-end developer. Amble of web application developed with Drupal 7. Now learning Drupal 8 as well.

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Convert your favorite HTML5 Bootstrap Template to Drupal 8 Theme!

Manoj.K on 05, Aug 2016

Quite a few times we come across Bootstrap themes when we wish to use in our Drupal website. You have searched Drupal download and it is not…

How to enhance your content authoring by adding custom CKEditor plugin in Drupal 8?

Manoj.K on 29, Jun 2016

CKEditor is a popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). In Drupal default WYSIWYG editor is CKEditor.…

Create Apache2 Virtual Host using Shell Script

Manoj.K on 09, May 2016

The ability to create and utilize tools, makes human race dominant in world. Tools make our work easier and also saves time. One of the tools, I…