My first experience and understanding of Drupal 8 theming

Drupal 8 which has now become the most leading drupal ever build and surely it will add more feature compare to other CMS which are out there. Technologies like Symfony, YAML, Twig, and Backbone.js are the main power of Drupal.

Theming in drupal has undergone a lot of changes since drupal 7, especially when talking about the twig template - a known template engine for PHP framework.

Many things has changed from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 and we will discuss it in the following sections.

Drupal-8 Headless Hello World

I will be writing a series of article on Drupal-8 Headless. This article will focus on simple headless hello world. We will first learn how to create a Hello World Module in Drupal-8. Oh! but this hello world page will return JSON Data :-) Then we will be creating a NodeJS+Express project which consume the JSON data from Drupal and display it.

Headless Drupal: Driving User-Experience on the Mobile Web

Headless Drupal: Driving User-Experience on the Mobile Web

Drupal’s power lies in its flexibility, and the fact that developers can create complex content models. An admin interface helps developers manipulate the backend content repository, to reflect changes in the front-end framework, and vice-versa. This tight coupling between the frontend and backend have been used to develop some of the best websites, e-commerce applications and web-apps. Over the years, Drupal has emerged as a very powerful framework.

Show data in Drupal from Web Services using Drupal WSData Module

With the evolution of Headless Drupal, Drupal is moving towards on being a preferable content storage to serve the data. But how is Drupal when being used as a Front end consuming remote data instead of proving it?

In one our recent project we have to achieve the same. Drupal is being used to display the remote data which is being provided by RESTful APIs. The catch was the data that was being consumed should not be saved in the Drupal database. So it was purely used just to display the data. Not only that we need to use the consumed data in views, and panels.

Independence/ Ethnic day celebration at Valuebound

Independence/ Ethnic day celebration at Valuebound

Valuebound celebrated 69th Pre-Independence Day Celebration cum Ethnic day with lots of fun wearing traditional dresses,decorating office in the spirit of Independence Day with tri colour balloons & Indian flag, followed by some group activity & Pizza party.
It was real fun seeing the amount of participation & Enthusiasm in office.

Proud to be Indian!

Configuring & Debugging XDebug with PHPStorm For Drupal 7 on Mac os X yosemite

I am running my machine with nginx & php 5.6, First make sure that you have already installed Xdebug. We can check this with php version command

$ php -v

Xdebug check

If you see ‘Xdebug v’ that means XDebug installed. If you do not see then install XDebug using PECL

$ pecl install xdebug

If the extension is added to your php.ini file automatically, remove the following line:


And replace it with:

Drupal in a day at Brindavan College of Engineering

Valuebound conducted ‘Drupal in a Day’ workshop at Brindavan College of Engineering on August 11, 2015. The one day workshop comprised of one hour awareness sessions and four hours  of hands on learning about installing and configuring Drupal, an open source content management system. The response from students and faculties were encouraging throughout the session

How do you use hook_menu_alter() in drupal 7

I have been working on Drupal 7 for almost two years now. During these two years I have worked on many hooks but hook_menu_alter() hook is the one of the mostly used one. Today i going to explain my experience with this hook.

Change theme of particular page/menu:

I have discussed this one of earlier post in detail. There we have used hook_custom_theme() hook to change theme on particular page. Instead of this we can also use hook_menu_alter() as another way to achieve same feature.

Custom Account cancellation methods in Drupal 7

In drupal 7 whenever admin selects to cancel user/s account, it provides multiple cancellation options like

  • Disable the account and keep its content.
  • Disable the account and unpublish its content.
  • Delete the account and make its content belong to the Anonymous user.
  • Delete the account and its content.

In this post I am going to explain how to create a create custom method like ‘Disable the account and make its content belong to the admin user.


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