Neeraj is a senior consultant with a proven track record as project manager/ Drupal Architect with a result-oriented drive. He also is a proud new father.

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How is the ecosystem of a Platform Strategy

neeraj on 01, Jun 2017
Platform strategy is changing traditional businesses from linear pipelines to platforms. A platform enabled business model scales up a business…

Why a Platform Enabled Business Model over Tradional Business Model?

neeraj on 30, May 2017
Changing business models are affecting traditional businesses like Media and Publishing industry. Pipelined, linear and traditional businesses are…

Headless Drupal: Driving User-Experience on the Mobile Web

neeraj on 15, Oct 2015
Drupal’s power lies in its flexibility, and the fact that developers can create complex content models. An admin interface helps developers…

Register for DrupalCamp Bangalore - July 25-26 at CMRIT

neeraj on 14, Jul 2015
The much-awaited event, DrupalCamp Bangalore is finally here and the Garden City is all set to welcome the Drupal enthusiasts from all over India.…

Product companies Using Drupal as a Collaboration Platform for Developers

neeraj on 11, Feb 2015
Drupal as a platform of choice for community websites that are instrumental in bringing together enthusiastic developers with a spirit to innovate,…