How Drupal will help you win the Technology race?

Drupal has proved itself as a fully integrated and cost effective solution that can adapt to the ever changing needs of business. Drupal can help you win the technology race by making smarter use of the existing platform to enhance engagemnet, improve outcomes and reduce system wide costs. It provides a rich digital experience irrespective of your business which help you stay ahead of the competition. There are certain key ways through which Drupal helps you win and those are....

Why universities need to capitalize on mobile technology

Mobile is the next imperative channel that can anticipate a new technology revolution within many educational institutiions and universities all around the world. Many forward thinking universities like Standford College, university of Denver, Massachusetts Institute of Technology have already been involved in Mobile Web development for a while. Now its time to foresee the future technology and take a step forward to adopt and experiment the mobile technology for your educational institution.



Why your Business Need to invest in a CMS

Today in this digital world, more and more companies prefer to use a Content Management System to build their website. Looking at the advantages that a CMS deliver, like controlling web content, automatic processing of workflow, flexibility and brand consistency, companies now realize that a CMS can turn a website to an effective marketing tool.

What is Drupal - A CMS or CMF?

A Content Management Framework is a system that make use of reusable components or custom- build software to manage web content by storing and organizing files and data. It shares features of both web application framework and content management system. For developers, CMF as a development tool is a software framework, that supports them to make customized web applications as well as dynamic websites, web services and web resources required for business applications.

  • How Drupal makes good Business Sense
  • How Drupal makes good Business Sense

    Commercial enterprises all over the world has started recognizing that using an open source software makes good business sense both in terms of quality and revenue perspective. Open source projects had been a key element for the success of most of the well established companies like Google, Facebook and Apple.

    Drupal 8- What’s new and Expected Inside

    Drupal 8 is on the verge of release with additional new features, which were available as separate modules in the earlier versions. Without any hassle of additional installation, it will deliver better tools for developers and more value for customers. Listing the some of most important features of Drupal 8, we have been waiting for.

    Importance of Version Control and Test site for your project

    If you’ve ever worked together with a group of people on a project, then you definitely know the annoyance of constantly swapping files. Either you would prefer to do it by email or by uploading the files or some other means. Whatever it is, its a burden and every designer or developer knows that. Version control helps you overcome this burden.

    Drupal commerce - The Right choice for your online store

    Successful eCommerce is not just about selling products online. It involves managing your data as well as your client interactions across a wide range of platforms. So your website must have both content and commerce.

    Drupal commerce is an open source eCommerce solution built on top of drupal. It consists of powerful set of modules which provides out of box solution for most of eCommerce requirements and can be used to build online stores of small to large size.

    git - the basic guide for beginners

    Recently while developing a custom Drupal module for a client, I was asked to do git commit everyday. While doing it few days regularly missed one step and deleted the file difference by mistake. This made me to write down steps to follow every time for this project.

    Getting started with Git

    Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is all about composing and saving snapshot of your project.

    Why Drupal is a perfect fit for Building Mobile Compatible website

    Drupal CMS being one of the most popular and powerful open source platform is best suited for building Mobile Compatible website. The Mobile Friendly themes and Modules in Drupal makes it easier to use. With improved version of Drupal 8, the focus is centered around a “Mobile first architecture“ which meets even the future needs of Mobile Experience. There are lot of options available for making mobile friendly website using Drupal like Responsive Web design and so on.

  • Create personalize shopping experience using Drupal Commerce
  • Create Personalized E Commerce Experience With Drupal

    Personalization enhances your online business. The experts say that decisions have to be taken based on the customer data and their preferences when it comes to product recommendations or home page landscape alteration for the shortlisted customers. Customers from different geographical locations order for the products either in person or online. You need to make sure that the shoppers find your product easy to get a compelling digital experience.

    How to create a personalized e-commerce shopping experience

  • Apache Solr 4.7 installation and configuration with Drupal 7
  • Tomcat 7 & Multi Core Apache Solr 4.7 installation and configuration with Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04

    Apache Solr is a proven and popular open source search platform developed by Apache Lucene. It is an application developed in java and runs as a standalone full text search server embedded in a servlet container. We have discussed how to install Tomcat 7 & Multi Core Apache Solr 4.7 and configuration with Drupal 7 on Ubuntu 12.04 for one our own project.


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