Jaywant is associated with Valuebound from past few years. Joined as a Trainee to get engaged with development ops and Drupal Community. Currently he is helping a Content delivery Team to produce a valuable information and newbies to understand Drupal. If you really want to hang around join him on CALL of DUTY, i believe you'll get a perfect head shot.

Most Recent Blogs

Building Configuration Form in Drupal 8

xaiwant on 01, Feb 2016
The concept of creating an administration form in Drupal 8 is not that different than in Drupal 7. You still need to define a form, a menu and then…

Drupal 8 installation in Windows with XAMPP

xaiwant on 27, Jan 2016
Installing Drupal on windows using open source XAMPP web server package.

How to pass page callback arguments in Drupal 8

xaiwant on 25, Jan 2016
In earlier versions of Drupal (D7), there was hook_menu. Hook menu actually managed a few different features. In addition to handling incoming…

Power of Drupal Console in Drupal 8

xaiwant on 24, Jan 2016
Drupal Console is command line tools, help us to speed up the development tasks for Drupal websites. After installing console, you will be able to…

Twig: An Introduction to theming in Drupal 8?

xaiwant on 18, Jan 2016
Twig, a modern template engine for PHP, is part of the Symfony2 framework and is a direct replacement for PHPTemplate. Twig is created by SensioLabs…