A firm believer in the Drupal community spirit, Rakhee is adept at portraying cutting edge technology and Drupal power through blogs. She's been a GMAT coach, soft skills trainer and math teacher, but now her interests lie in Drupal, creative writing, cryptic crosswords and swimming.

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Content Marketing Strategy for Lead nurturing and Successful Conversions

Rakhee.S on 23, Mar 2015
The Lead nurturing process plays the part of a catalyst that triggers the movement of leads down a sales funnel. Apart from the momentum it provides…

Benefits of Configuration Management Introduced in Drupal 8

Rakhee.S on 22, Jan 2014
In Drupal 8, configuration settings of the core will not be stored in the database as in Drupal 6 and 7. Rather, they will be stored in a master…

Landing Page Optimization for Drupal Websites

Rakhee.S on 22, Jan 2014
An effective way to optimize landing pages is through A/B testing, one of the fastest methods to learn more about your visitors and their preferences…

Marketing Automation - What does it consist of?

Rakhee.S on 20, Jan 2014
Marketing automation software consists of features and functions that streamline, automate and quantify the output of marketing tasks and workflows.…

Looking for Marketing Executives @ Valuebound Interactive Solutions

Rakhee.S on 17, Jan 2014
We are on the look out for highly energetic IT Marketing Executives to join our team at Bangalore. The job profile would include identifying…