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Rajeshwari Variar

Drupal Consultant

Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder having 1+ years of experience in Web Development. Now learning Drupal 8.

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Rajeshwari Variar

Rajeshwari Variar November 15, 2017

Migrating Address Book in Drupal 8 website using Process plugin

Migration is a term, which all the developers who have started working in Drupal 8 have gone through once at least in their development cycle. Migration can be done of many things like site migration…

Rajeshwari Variar January 18, 2017

How to Configure Single Sign On across Multiple Drupal 8 Platforms or Websites ?

What do you mean by Single Sign On? Why do we use it? When do we use it? Single Sign On is an authentication service that allows users to use one set of credentials i.e(username and password) to…