Abhinav is a Content Writer at Valuebound. Apart from writing web content, he is also keenly interested in writing fiction and reading books.

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Creating an Effective Content Personalization

abhinav on 30, May 2018
Why many online consumers get frustrated when irrelevant results appear on their screen? It is just because the contents haven’t been optimized…

E-Commerce Solutions and Third-Party Integration Options within Drupal Ecosystem

abhinav on 08, May 2018
I’ve been studying the E-Commerce ecosystem in Drupal for quite some time now. There are various E-Commerce solutions and third-party API Integration…

How Blockchain can help the Media Industry

abhinav on 02, May 2018
Blockchain is one of the most discussed technologies in the contemporary world. Media industry which is important for creating and shaping public…

Safety concerns in an E-Commerce site and how Drupal is addressing it

abhinav on 06, Apr 2018
The advances in technology has brought in an unprecedented growth in E-Commerce industry, which has become a major target for cyber crimes. It…