Jaywant is associated with Valuebound from past few years. Joined as a Trainee to get engaged with development ops and Drupal Community. Currently he is helping a Content delivery Team to produce a valuable information and newbies to understand Drupal. If you really want to hang around join him on CALL of DUTY, i believe you'll get a perfect head shot.

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Getting Comment on your article

xaiwant on 26, Feb 2016
The best way to communicate with online reader is allow them to give feedback or add comment on your article. Comments are great way for…

How to use views in Drupal 8

xaiwant on 25, Feb 2016
This article provides you with insights on Drupal 8 Views. your requirement, you can either duplicate or edit and use these predefined views.

Manage your articles using Taxonomy in Drupal 8

xaiwant on 16, Feb 2016
Taxonomy is one of the features that add lot of advantage to Drupal compared to many other CMSs open source as well as proprietary. Taxonomy is all…

Understanding Block layout in Drupal theme structure

xaiwant on 11, Feb 2016

Block system in Drupal allows us to add content into regions. A block could be text or listing of content using Views.

In Drupal 7, lock…

How to customize the appearance of your new Drupal 8 Website

xaiwant on 04, Feb 2016
Drupal 8 has a built-in mobile first approach. The very first step after installing Drupal 8 would be to customize the theme. Changing the…