Jaywant is associated with Valuebound from past few years. Joined as a Trainee to get engaged with development ops and Drupal Community. Currently he is helping a Content delivery Team to produce a valuable information and newbies to understand Drupal. If you really want to hang around join him on CALL of DUTY, i believe you'll get a perfect head shot.

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How to secure your user’s private data from unauthorised access by enabling SSL on your web server

xaiwant on 22, Sep 2017
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An overview of Drupal’s view Execution order

xaiwant on 31, Aug 2017
Drupal view is one the most contributed projects which helps a drupal developer to create customized output. Views make data fetching easier. After…

How to Setup Virtual Host in Windows 7 with XAMPP server

xaiwant on 04, Aug 2017
Virtual Hosting allows you to host multiple domain names on a single server. XAMPP is a cross-platform web server solution stack package that is used…

Things to know about Drupal 7’s Database API

xaiwant on 06, Jul 2017
Drupal 7 database API helps a developer to write one single query to work across different databases. A portable query help a developer to execute…

How to Render a content using Drupal Feed Aggregator?

xaiwant on 04, Jul 2017
Web Applications are becoming smarter, integrations are being done with third party applications to communicate between apps. In this blog, learn how…