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Get your Drupal8 Development platform ready with Drush8!

Rakesh.James on 18, Aug 2016

As we all know, we need Drush8 for our Drupal8 development platform. I have tried…

How to reduce your development hours by Creating an Installation Profile or Distribution in Drupal 8!

Rakesh.James on 25, Jun 2016

Creating an installation profile in Drupal 8 is quite easy according to my humble opinion. Why? Because of the…

Drupal 8 Commerce is on the Way! DrupalCon New Orleans 2016.

Rakesh.James on 27, May 2016

A lot of thanks to the commerce guys for contributing the Drupal commerce module to Drupal community, which took drupal to a different level in…

How to define your own Services in Drupal 8

Rakesh.James on 18, Apr 2016

Service  is a PHP class with some code that provides a single specific functionality throughout the application. So you can easily access each…