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Headless Drupal: Driving User-Experience on the Mobile Web

neeraj on 15, Oct 2015

Drupal’s power lies in its flexibility, and the fact that developers can create complex content models. An admin interface helps developers…

Show data in Drupal from Web Services using Drupal WSData Module

Malabya.Tewari on 15, Oct 2015

With the evolution of Headless Drupal, Drupal is moving towards on being a preferable content storage to serve the data. But how is Drupal when…

Free Drupal Training by Valuebound, Bangalore on Drupal Global Training Days

Bindhu.SK on 30, Sep 2015

We are happy to announce that we are running Drupal training sessions on Saturday, 21st Nov as part of the …

Independence/ Ethnic day celebration at Valuebound

Elora.Dash on 17, Aug 2015

Valuebound celebrated 69th Pre-Independence Day Celebration cum Ethnic day with lots of fun wearing traditional dresses,decorating office in the…

Configuring & Debugging XDebug with PHPStorm For Drupal 7 on Mac os X yosemite

Krishna.Kanth on 13, Aug 2015

I am running my machine with nginx & php 5.6, First make sure that you have already installed Xdebug. We can check this with php version…

Drupal in a day at Brindavan College of Engineering

Bindhu.SK on 12, Aug 2015

Valuebound conducted ‘Drupal in a Day’ workshop at Brindavan College of Engineering on August 11, 2015. 

The one day workshop comprised of…

Free Training by Valuebound, Bangalore on Drupal Global Training Days

Malabya.Tewari on 10, Aug 2015

Bangalore Drupal User Group in collaboration with Valuebound & 

How do you use hook_menu_alter() in drupal 7

Krishna.Kanth on 26, Jul 2015

I have been working on Drupal 7 for almost two years now. During these two years I have worked on many hooks but hook_menu_alter() hook is the one…

Custom Account cancellation methods in Drupal 7

Krishna.Kanth on 22, Jul 2015

In drupal 7 whenever admin selects to cancel user/s account, it provides multiple cancellation options like

  • Disable the account and…

How to create custom tokens in Drupal 7

Krishna.Kanth on 17, Jul 2015

One of the great feature in drupal is tokens system. Tokens are reusable text that can be placed into documents via simple placeholders, like %…